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Your EMS Partner since 1986

​With many years of proven experience in the Electronic Manufacturing Services and powered by a long history as top OEM’s, we translate your ideas in designs and products.
We endevour to be a global partner which is able to provide state-of-the-art solutions and services.
A long-term relationship, a customer-centric approach, a mutual satisfaction and trust... This is our way.

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From contract manufacturing to product industrialization, we can support you making quality products in complex manufacturing processes such as Configure-To-Order, Make-To-Order, Direct Fullfilment.

Our long experience and technical capabilities, together with processes inspired by Lean Manufacturing principles, allow us to offer design, manufacturing, test development, NPI support, cost reduction analysis, supply chain solutions, after-sales repairs and logistic services.

Moreover, we can support your design and Time-To-Market of new products with our prototyping and product data management services.


We believe that the quality of the products and services provided represents the main mean of pursuing, achieving and improving customer satisfaction.

As a matter of fact, the satisfaction of our customers' needs, combined with the constant improvement of our ecological footprint, guarantees the growth of sustainable corporate development.

We believe in people. In every person the innovative idea or the right insight can be found to increase business success.

Company profile

Eutron is a forward-looking company that seeks to anticipate the technological evolution and future challenges of the 'smart world' that is forming around us.

Complex systems integration, digital technology and wireless communications, together with energy efficiency and green technology, are becoming key areas for Eutron's continuous success and growth.


  1. Eutron was founded in 1986 as a contract design company (Eures). After a few years, due to customer request, services were expanded including product manufacturing and testing.

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  2. Eutron was acquired by the Miro Radici Group: ITEMA, a leading Italian industrial group.

  3. Eutron took over Saar, an Italian contract manufacturer in electronics.

  4. Eutron began a partnership in China with the local manufacturer Axis Technology Ltd.

  5. ITEMA sold a part of its "Spinning division" (Savio, owning Loepfe, Barco, Sedo & Eutron) to a Private Equity. All companies maintain assets and management, continuining their business.

  6. Establishment of a new production plant in China.

    EK - Eutron Electronics Technology Ltd. was born. 

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  7. Investments for a new ERP platform, Six Sigma/LEAN improvement, Traceability and VMI Project.

  8. Investments for SMT Production Line renovation: new Pick and Place and AOI machines.

  9. Eutron was acquired by Vandewiele Group, the global market Leader in the Textile industry.

  10. Eutron decided to enhance its presence in Europe with a new production plant in Romania.

    EES - Eutron Electronic Services S.r.l. was born. 

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  11. Discover the next step with us!

The Group Companies - VANDEWIELE GROUP

Peak technology and excellent solutions for textile.

​The group holds a very high technological know-how, thus aiming to represent excellence both in finishing and in yarn quality control systems. A global partner - state of-the-art solutions - unique skills through continuous research.

Vandewiele Group