Advanced Test Department

Our Advanced Test Department consists of highly specialised technicians.

We put all our expertise and experience to develop the hardware and software systems for ICT and FCT testing.

We use the most modern CAD tools and SW packages for designing test systems and defining the best test strategy, depending on customer requirements and production volumes. We also independently develop test application boards and electronic systems.

Particular attention is paid to the continuous improvement of testing efficiency, cost reduction and the analysis of discovered networks, also using factory systems for the collection of performance and defect data.

ICT (In Circuit Test)

  • Acquisition of technical documentation
  • Estimation with feasibility analysis
  • Preliminary test coverage with return to customer
  • Definition of best test strategy depending on production volumes
  • Design and debugging of ICT test application
  • Production monitoring to improve test coverage and efficiency

FCT (Functional Circuit Test)

  • Acquisition of test specifications issued by the customer
  • Analysis of technical-economic feasibility
  • Preliminary test coverage with feedback to the customer
  • Definition of the best test strategy according to production volumes
  • Management of technical documentation
  • Design, implementation and debugging of ATE, HW and SW and integration of OBP (On Board Programming)
  • Preparation of test documentation for the production department
  • Acquisition, commissioning and maintenance of production ATEs developed by the customer, with management of the related technical documentation