Markets GMF0826


We support you in meeting changing and market demands by providing flexible, scalable and innovative EMS solutions.

In an increasingly technological world, it is essential to invest in market knowledge, human capital and innovation

The experience accumulated since 1986 has enabled us to broaden the range of services offered to our customers, from design to industrialization, to supervision of the entire production process, logistics and after-sales service.

This range of services allow us to address nowadays different segments and markets.

Our customers are companies that sell products all over the world.

Thanks to them, we have grown and are still growing.

This leads us to operate on a wide range of sectors:


Automation & Robotics

Combination of electronics and robotics for the development of industrial automation products within a dynamic context that demands efficiency, productivity and transformation in all sectors.



Long history in the lift sector, which is essential in modern infrastructures as it ensures vertical transport in buildings. New trends such as digitisation and smart technologies make it an ever-changing market.


Energy Automation

A dynamic sector that is constantly exploring new advanced technologies to automate the management of energy flows and achieve a conscious use of energy.


Heating & Ventilation

The heating and ventilation segment aims to become more efficient, greener and user-friendly due to technological advances and sustainability goals.


Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring and maintenance are crucial in any industry. It is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of systems and their high performance, seeking to integrate new advanced technologies to improve efficiency and safety.



In a vibrant and innovative packaging industry, we support our customers in meeting demands for efficiency and environmental responsibility.



One of our core markets. Since the beginning, we have supported our customers in the development and production of industrial textile machinery.


Vending Machines

A long history of collaboration with leading vending machine companies, making them an integral part of modern life.