A Global Footprint

With our facilty located in Europe and China we can globally serve you following your needs.

Robust and realiable supply chain

Closeness to customer facilities, total cost, demand changes and lead time can all be key factors for a robust and realiable supply chain.

Our European facilities in Pradalunga (Italy) and Timisoara (Romania) have the same capabilities in terms of available technologies and processes.

A great effort was made to standardize and ensure effective knowledge sharing, product transfer and to establish a common set of yield, quality and productivity indicators.

Eutron S.p.A. - Italy

The Headquarter

Located in Pradalunga, near Bergamo and set in one of the most important economic districts in Europe, our headquarter houses all the necessary departments needed for the EMS activity: manufacturing, product engineering, research and development, prototyping, sales, logistics and more... everything coexists and is targeted to the best service.

Eutron Electronic Services S.r.l. - Romania

Eutron Electronic Services aims at boosting European production by optimising processes and improving production capacity for the local market, as well as increasing competitiveness and control of the supply chain for both customers and other companies in the Vandewiele group.

The plant is located in a strategic position of the city, that is the 'VGP Park Timisoara' industrial park, which is only 1 kilometre away from the airport.


"The Timișoara plant" comments Cesare Guidetti, CEO of Eutron, "underlines the company's constant commitment to increasingly differentiating production opportunities, anticipating the offer of electronic solutions and guaranteeing quality products, with a particular focus on sustainability".

Stronger with our Sister Company

Eutron Electronics Technology (Kunshan) Co. Ltd. - China - was originally established as a high-volume and low-cost production facility, but is now rapidly evolving towards a broader product mix in order to better serve customers in the extremely dynamic Asian market.

The company is located in one of the most industrialised areas of Asia Pacific, close to the financial city of Shanghai.

Eutron group can offer value at local facilities through:

  • SMT and PTH assemblies;
  • Optical and X-Ray inspections (AOI & X-Ray);
  • Parametric and functional tests (ICT & FCT);
  • Coating lines;
  • Fast prototyping;
  • New Product Introduction (NPI) management;
  • IPC competencies;
  • Lean-6 Sigma methodologies;
  • High-level after sales services.

Strategic sourcing

Our Sourcing structure is designed to meet global service requirements and to maintain the best opportunities in the market. Vendor selection and negotiations are conducted by Commodity Managers who are constantly on the lookout for opportunities and evaluation paths while respecting customer approvals and confidentiality.

This centralised sourcing structure allows the global power of the group to be used to achieve the best results.

We use advanced logistical aids such as open orders, forecasting, stock suppliers and consignment stock, which allows us to guarantee high flexibility when demand changes.