People Company

People company

Eutron is a people company

Our company is not only made up of technologies, but also and above all of women and men who, with their willingness, determination and professionalism, continuously make Eutron a dynamic and competitive company.

People are placed at the heart of the company and contribute, with their skills and experience, to enhancing its business.

Our products are the direct result of the work our employees do every day. Our strength lies in meeting the needs of a modern company by maximising the talent of those who work there.

Our group is made up of a great team of people who care about what they do with passion and dedication, and this is a determining factor in our success.

We believe in gender equality

We all deserve the same opportunities for growth.

We are a female-dominated company and we strive every day to offer a safe and flexible workplace that gives everyone the chance to express themselves.

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We believe that the education and training of young people is a key value to be pursued in the corporate culture.

Every year, scholarships are awarded to the most deserving children of our employees in order to support and encourage their academic progress.

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Eutron belongs to a group of companies that, although in different operating environments, is an international entity operating in multiple institutional, economic, political, social and cultural contexts.